Monday, June 30, 2008

Snickers and Diet Coke...Lunch of Champions?

Unfortunately, this often seems to be the case in my life:) Over the past few weeks I have been so busy, stopping to eat a decent lunch is more of a luxury than a necessity. This week, however, I am finally done with my summer class so things are slowing down and we are getting back into a slower routine.

This weekend we went down south to an impromptu family reunion. Four of my mom's five brothers and sisters were there, as well as many of my cousins and their kids. Many of them had not met A yet, and it was really nice to see everyone. It was a crazy houseful of Gettingers!

Picking cherries and apricots

Gathering around the grill for some of Derek's yummy burgers and corn on the cob....and grilled apricots for dessert!

This was my horsey when I was little!

Then last night we had the guys over for a poker game, while Beth, Yonda and I visited and watched the kids. It was funny to watch Joel and A together. A was definately very interested to see what Joel was playing with, while Joel got frustrated with her taking his toys away from him!

Last of all, here are some random pics I've taken of A over the last couple weeks. Some turned out okay, I think:)


Paula said...

I remember when you rode that horsey! I also remember that kitchen table at your grandparents house - the same table (I think!) that your mom and I sat at one night typing up our high school senior research papers for Mr. Medsker!! OMG - that's been a LONG time ago and yes - we TYPED on old electric typewriters!!

Tera said...

Finally, I'm getting caught up on everyone's blogs! Looks like you and your SIL had an adventurous trip to S.C.!
I almost bought Brynna that coral Gymbo suit, but they didn't have the 12-18mo. :( Annabel looks super cute in hers. BTW, it's perfectly fine to let her go naked! ;)