Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pictures and anacdotes from the week

There were at Pizza Hut earlier this week

Grandma Sue came to visit us this week. She got to take care of Annabel on Wed-Fri. I think they both had a great time - Annabel loved all the extra attention! We got to go swimming one afternoon at neighbor Frank's. Annabel has taken to the cold water pretty well, and even went under a couple of times!

Also this week, we got to visit with Uncle Justin and Aunt Holly, and cousin Morganne! Annabel really showed a lot of interest in her baby cousin, poking at her eyes and pulling her hair. :) Morganne is getting cuter every time we see her! She's got such beautiful blue eyes! And dimples! Aaaand....she sleeps through the night (hint, hint, dear daughter)!

Annabel got to spend some quality time with her daddy this week, which was nice since it is Father's day!

Hmmm, there seems to be a theme to these that its summer, I apparently don't feel the need to dress my child! (she actually prefers it this way:)

Also this week, we have been getting ready for new carpet upstairs. I am very excited about it, as our current carpet/hardwood is very old and ugly. This, however, has brought new challenges, because we are having to move everything from the upstairs to the downstairs. Ugh. What a pain, especially with our little monster crawling around everywhere, putting whatever she can find in her mouth. In addition to carpet, we have been painting, replacing and painting trim, putting up a new ceiling fan, and redoing the siding on one wall....soooo, lots of fun things to find and eat (plaster, lead paint, screws, etc.) If we all make it through alive, I will have a very beautiful, sexy bedroom ;) (TMI?)

As I was packing up Annabel's room, it gave me a good opportunity to go through her stuff and make inventory of the things we no longer need. That made me kind of sad, especially going through her little clothes. As I was packing up the winter duds, I realized that she would never again be able to wear this stuff. (sniff sniff). I definately had some favorites. Like her little brown yoga pants, so cute...And all her little hand-knit cardigans...the adorable flannel pajamas... It was especially sad, because I don't even know if we will be having any more children, and even if we do (SOMEwhere down the road) who's to say it will be another little girl? Oh well, I guess I just shouldn't get so attached to material things. (Oooooh, I just remembered the leg warmers......) Why did I spend so much money on these things?!?

One last thing- Annabel has been seriously pulling herself up this week. Tonight she pulled herself up on the coffee table, and proceeded to walk herself around to get a pair of my shiny green earrings and eat them.

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