Monday, June 9, 2008

This weekend Annabel and I went to down south to visit my parents and go to the festival. It was certainly an adventure! On the way down to pick up Melanie, it started to storm very badly, so that we could hardly see in front of us. We had to pull over for a little bit and wait for it to let up. This was one of the sites that we saw:

Whoa! Glad I wasn't in that truck! I proceeded to pick up Melanie, who was waiting for me at a gas station where all the power was out! We continued to make our way south, very slowly. We finally made it about 11 pm. Saturday we had a good time at the festival, even though it was very HOT and hardly anyone was there due to the severe flooding in the area. In fact, we were placed in a state of emergency, and all roads leading out of the county were flooded closed. I wasn't sure we were going to get home!

This was the road to my parent's house:

Here are some pics of my mom and dad's house - it's really coming along!

Annabel got to enjoy a 4-wheeler ride with grandpa! She thought that was really fun!
Saturday night we got a call that the road that my grandparents live on (which is a dead-end) was washed out and impassible.
Check it out:

Great Grandpa Gettinger

We had to catch a ride into town and leave our car on the other side of the hole. When we got back, my dad was overseeing the repair. I thought these pictures would be really appropriate blown up into a poster: "Mr. McCammon for Commissioner"!

Needless to say, Melanie, Annabel and I got home safely Sunday afternoon after a very fun, relaxing, adventurous weekend! Annabel was glad to see her daddy, as was I.

Have a great week!

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the Kenseks said...

Wow, you're parents house is beautiful! I'm sure they are excited about it. Its crazy that you all have been having so much rain there. It sounds like its been pretty bad. Its snowing here. How weird.