Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Well, after last week staying home with her grandma, and and then a busy weekend getting ready for carpet and Monday with the carpet guys here making all kinds of noise, Annabel finally seems to be back in her routine. It is just amazing how thrown off they can get by these things. Monday night her room was in disarray from the carpet, and she cried forever before getting to sleep. Last night I put the bumper back on her crib, put her little pillow and stuffed zebra back in there with her, and put the furniture back were it goes, and wouldn't you know it - she fell asleep in 2 minutes flat!
Last night I did another "photo shoot" with her around the house, practicing using natural lighting and props from around the house. I will work on getting the pictures up soon, after I can figure out how to crop them.
I do love the new carpet. I was kind of sad when they pulled up the old carpet in our bedroom to see the pretty old hardwood underneath, but there was a huge section from where they had added on in the past that was just subfloor, so we couldn't have kept it like that anyway. The wood looked really pretty with the purple paint, though. We have a few finishing touches to do, but it already looks like a whole new bedroom. I love having a room that I feel like I can relax in:)
Pictures to come, I promise!

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Jason and Lisa Jones said...

You are a Genius!!!! Jason loved the idea about putting the pez in Shannon's room. (I don't have your email so I am commenting on your blog.) Thanks!!!