Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day!
In honor of father's day tomorrow, this post is dedicated to Derek, my wonderful husband and Annabel's daddy. Here are just some of the reasons we love daddy so much:
  • He's not just a "helper," he's just as much of a parent as I am!
  • But he's a great helper!
  • He changes diapers - even cloth
  • He cooks us a yummy dinner every night
  • He works hard to make our home a pretty place to live
  • He humors me when I decide it's time to make changes in Annabel's schedule, eating habits, painting the bedroom purple, etc.
  • He always remembers when its time to give Annabel her medicine and the directions for taking it.
  • He lets me be the main caregiver- not because he doesn't want to, but because he knows I love it so much
  • He made sacrifices so that I could stay home part time with the baby
  • He changes his schedule around so that he can stay home when I have class
  • He encourages me to finish school, even though it really isn't convenient for us right now.
  • He always smiles when he sees us
  • He came up with his own special nickname for our daughter- A.B.
  • He is a good listener - when I have to vent about work, or even about things that nobody would want to hear about (child abuse, divorce, poverty, mental illness) just so I can get it off my chest and not have to carry it by myself.
  • Sometimes he gets up early with the baby and lets me sleep in
  • Even after 7 years together, we still have just as much fun and enjoy each other's company, if not even more now
  • He encourages my "natural" parenting style, i.e. using cloth diapers, making homemade babyfood, breastfeeding, etc.
  • He loves us both, just for who we are:)
  • He's just an all-around great husband and dad! We love you Derek!

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