Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy July 4th! I hope everyone had a fun day off work. I know we did! Here's a few snippets of how we spent our holiday weekend:
Ah, yes - the nap! What a sweetie!

Daddy's making us a table for the kitchen- what a handy man!

We're playing outside waiting for daddy to finish the table. A has decided that she likes the grass now. She loves to crawl around and explore the grass, the garden, the sidewalk, etc. She is very curious!

This is A's favorite new thing to do - she loves to stand at the toy basket, and throw every toy she can reach on the floor! This room was clean about 5 minutes before this picture! The next project for daddy is a real toybox:)

I got to spend some of my day sewing. I made A this new soaker out of an old cashmere sweater. It turned out really great - I was so proud of myself! The cashmere is soooo soft and wonderful - what a spoiled baby!

The back view - notice my detail to the cuffs being at an angle (pat on the back:)

The finished table. We also put the KitchenAid mixer on the bottom shelf- looks really good, and cleared off a lot of counter space! I absolutely love having the butcher block. It is so nice not having to get out a cutting board and having a great big space to work on. We have been using it like crazy!:)

After two years, we finally get around to hanging up our pots and pans! Looks pretty!

Goodbye everyone! See you soon!

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Jean McCammon said...

You guys have been busy lately. That work table turned out so nice and professional! It all looks so good together--especially with that baby in the picture. XXOOXX-Mom