Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

A couple evenings ago, Annabel enjoyed spending some time outside with her daddy. I thought she was so cute in her little pink short-alls! It's hard to resist taking pictures of such a cutie-pie :)

The next day I took advantage of Annabel being in daycare and worked on my flower beds. I think I planted over 25 plants! My good friend Angie let me split a bunch of her plants, which is the best way to get new plants! 

Sorry to bore you with the details, but I'm going to! I'm so proud of my newfound green thumb. 
So here's my rose bush, which is doing beautifully-

And some lillies I transplanted:

 And the best new thing around here- my mother's day present!! Check it out...

 Derek was so sweet and bought me some patio furniture. So far we've eaten outside at least once every day! I absolutely love it. I wish we would have bought some 5 years ago:)

Over the weekend Derek's parents Fred and Sue came to visit (Memorial Day weekend). We enjoyed some quality time and good food. 

Annabel really had fun with her cousin Morganne. They played well together! It's fun to see their similarities and differences. 

Last night Derek and I went to Kmart and Meijers to look for outdoor toys. I'm not one of those mamas who buys a lot of toys for her baby, but as she gets a little older and her activity preferences change and mature, it becomes necessary! So we got lots of bubbles, finger paints, her first coloring book and a life jacket for when we go swimming at the neighbors! She's loving being outside as much as we are. I'm still looking for a (cheap) sandbox and a little slide. I'm hoping to get lucky at some yard sales this summer:)

Here are some other random picks from the week:

 Not sure why she's so upset! 

 But it's all better now! :)

  Hanging out with Grandma Sue in her adorable little shorts and tank top! 
Please can we go outside??


Rock 'n Roll Momma© said...

love the little "i'm a republican" tshirt! that's too cute!

my word verification is "abler"...good thing i'm not an ENabler, haha!

Tera said...

Oh, I love the picture in front of the window...definitely need to frame it!!!