Sunday, May 17, 2009

Home Where She Belongs

Friday I went to pick up Annabel after a long week away at Grandma's. My mom and I met in Indy at the Trader Joe's. I love that store! I got there first, and as I saw them pull up, I could see Annabel see me and she was clapping her hands. That made me glad, because I wasn't sure how she would react after being gone so long. But the first thing she did when I got her out was give me a BIG KISS and a hug for a long time. Wow! It was so good to have her squishy, squirmy little self back in my arms. After shopping, we got some picnic stuff and headed to a park in the Carmel area. Wow- it was probably the nicest park I have ever seen! It was on 116th St, near all the really nice subdivisions. If you ever have to kill time on this side of Indy, I definitely recommend this park! There are water fountains to play in, awesome slides and a rope climbing thing. Annabel had a blast. I love parks. 

This isn't a real culvert (at least I don't think so). It was an underground tunnel system- pretty cool! 

She quickly ditched the "baby slide" for the giant slides!!

The rope climby thing and the giant slide Annabel went down all be herself!

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Grandma Jean said...

Those pictures turned out really great. I wish I felt better that day, but I'm glad Annabel had such a good time at the park. We'll have to go there in the summer and let her play in the water.