Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I love Annabel's funny faces in this video! She is getting very creative with her facial expressions! So cute. 

Yesterday Annabel had to get her 18-mo vaccinations. I felt so bad for her- you could tell it really hurt. So we stopped at Sonic on the way home and got an icy treat to cheer her up a little! In the evening she ran a temp and was very cranky, (happens every time!) so she went to bed early and appears to be feeling much better today. 

Her checkup went well. At 19 months she weighs 24lb and is 33" high. She's tall for her age but slightly underweight. The doc wasn't worried though because she is obviously active and healthy and reaching all her milestones. In fact, they said she was such a good patient, and they gave her the "well-adjusted child of the year" award! :)  The nurse said they wished every kid was as easy and good as she was! What a proud moment for mama. 

With Annabel quickly reaching the "terrible twos," we're starting to get into the murky waters of discipline and correction. I just think the whole thing is really interesting. Occasionally I get frustrated, but I try to put myself in her shoes and find out what is causing her to act a certain way. I never assume that it is "bad" behavior, just assertiveness, testing boundaries, and learning self-control. Though it can be challenging, I really enjoy all of it. And most days are really, really good. I'm very proud of her. 

As for me, today I called off work and am staying home sick. I feel really crummy. Derek was such a sweetie and ran to CVS at 11:00 last night to get me NyQuil. So yes, I'm still in bed at 1:00 in the afternoon! Hoping to feel better by tonight because I'm still going to try to see 4 clients this evening. Oh dear. Signing off for now!


Ariel said...

Titus had his checkup and shots on Monday :( Everything checked out okay, but he had quite a bit of tartar built up on his little teeth, and I just couldn't get them "scrubbed" well enough....had to take him to the dentist today for a cleaning....boy did he cry!

Tera said...

Shots are no fun. :( Now you can imagine how runty Brynna has been...she was 20lbs something at 18 mo and 24 something at 2. I think the discipline/correction thing is very interesting too...people have so many different opinions on what is acceptable behavior. Is A showing any signs for potty-training?

Paula said...

When Caleb was little, I would make him sit in a little rocking chair that we have in the living room. The behavior and his age, determined the length of time he had to stay..... but it was never too long!!

Now he has to go to his room and think about the behavior. The time limit? I generally just say that he needs to go think about it, and he can come back when his attitude has changed, and/or he's put a smile back on his face and kind words in his mouth!! Of course, 'A' is too little for this just yet! We also take away his DS which absolutely kills him, but causes him to do something more productive -like play outside, or read, etc!!

We're working on 'gentlemanly' (is that a word?) manners right now!