Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend and More

I know, I know, it's been forever since I posted. Part of my excuse is that Annabel has been gone all week at my parent's, so I haven't had any new pictures from this week. Last weekend (Mother's Day weekend) we had a lot of fun! 

On Friday, we headed down to Greenwood to visit our friends Chris and Geneva. Our other friends Wes and Melanie were up from Tennessee for the weekend, so we all met there to hang out. This group of friends are probably our best, best friends from college and we always have sooo much fun together. Mel, Geneva and I were all really good friends in college and on the same wing for three years, and Derek, Chris and Wes were the same way. In fact, Derek and Wes were roommates for two years. Its kind of funny how we all intermarried! We spent the evening eating (of course!) and playing crazy games. We hadn't planned on staying the night, but we were having so much fun we just decided to crashed there. Us girls stayed up till 3 talking and slept together while the boys played video games and crashed in the living room. What fun! The next morning we left the kiddos with the boys and hit the yard sales. I found some good deals on picture frames and a few dresses, but nothing too exciting. 

Then we rushed home to get ready for an evening with our friends Joe and Melissa. Since we hadn't planned on staying in Indy the night before, we weren't as prepared for the dinner as we probably should have been. Derek had planned on making a cheesecake, but there was just no time :( Sorry guys! After grilling babyback ribs and veggies, Derek gave Joe an IOU on the cheesecake and grilled peaches with a raspberry puree for dessert instead. I personally wasn't too upset because I get a little sick of cheesecake (shhh- don't tell anyone!) We played a couple games of euchre and enjoyed their company as well. So much fun in two nights! 

The next day was Mother's Day of course, but poor Derek woke up with the bug Annabel and I have shared. So I got up with sweet Annabel and let Derek sleep until 10:30. Poor guy- he really needed it. We ended up missing church, but that was okay. After Derek got up, he said he felt better, so we went ahead with our plans and met my parents and grandparents in Indy for a picnic lunch. Then we went to the Chateau Thomas Winery and enjoyed an afternoon of wine-tasting and good company. Even though my two babies weren't feeling the best, I think we all ended up enjoying the day. Annabel even learned how to say 'airplane!'. What a smartie! 

After this, Annabel went home with my parents to give us a little break. Actually, I think it was more because they really missed her and wanted to spend some time with her, but the break is nice, too! Since I'm not in class right now and I have a pretty small caseload, I've just been doing stuff around the house and relaxing. It's been nice, but I'm anxious to see my little punkin tomorrow. I bet she'll be all grown up:(
Here are some other random pictures from last week:

 Playing with her glowworm
She put the hat and boots on herself! I think she's trying to change her dolly's diaper :) Hope its not a poopy one!

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