Friday, February 27, 2009

Pictures from the Week....

I tried to get some fun shots of Annabel with her name plaque. This bench isn't the perfect place, but I thought they were pretty cute, regardless:)

These next two are after her accident Sunday night. Funny...the blood stains seemed so much bigger in my memory! :) You can't see the sleeve of my sweater but it is also covered, as well as several spots on my jeans.

Oh yeah...haha. This is from one day last week when Annabel and I decided to see how many animals could fit on the ark!! Oh the silly things we do....  :)
Patiently waiting their turns...

 You know the monkeys.... always monkeying around!
 Well, who's to say it didn't look like this?! Anyway...Derek and I have been somewhat enjoying our time alone! Last night after my mom and Annabel left we kind of sat around for awhile trying to figure out what to even do! Finally we went to Pizza Hut to eat and rented a movie. (The Happening- interesting film). Then this morning Bailey and I slept in till after 9 and then I went and did yoga with a friend. Now I am (supposed to be!) cleaning because we are having small group at our house tonight but I'm having trouble getting motivated. Darn internets! 


Ariel said...

At first, I was a little stunned by the monkeys, but they're just playing piggy back, right????

I love Annabel's stockings! She's a cutie patootie! And her name plaque is super cute!!! Did you make it? :)

Rock 'n Roll Momma© said...

can you imagine the sort of unholy ruckus going on in that ark for the amount of time they were stuck there?! thank heavens they don't depict it that way in the children's materials....woo!