Friday, February 27, 2009

3 Cheers for Big Lots!

This is complete randomness. But I was just telling my mom how much I've grown to love Big Lots in the last several months. We rarely ever went as a kid because my mom has such an aversion to it... long story, has something to do with being one of six kids, won't go into that now ;)

Anyway, I love Big Lots because they carry awesome brands that you can't find anywhere else in this ghetto town... 7th Generation, Method, Earth's Best, etc. Since probably October I've been buying 7th Generation chlorine-free diapers (for daycare) for 8.99 a pack...Holla! (That was for you Paige). Back when I used to buy the same size pack at Whole Foods they ran $13.99 or more. And recently I bought some Method laundry detergent for $3.50, which at it is $12.49....Wow. I'm wishing now I had stocked up because I think its gone now. Oh, and the other thing I love to buy at Big Lots is Oreos...always $2.50...which if you have an Oreo-loving family you know they are over $4 at the grocery. 

So anyway, that's my random thought of the day. Go check out what your local Big Lots has to offer:)

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Jason and Lisa Jones said...

I just pulled up your blog and Shannon is sitting here with me and she got upset all of a sudden and said oh know are they getting divorced. That isn't Holly. She said why is Justin hugging someone that isn't Holly. I told her that Derek was Justin's brother.