Sunday, March 8, 2009

Little Piggy-Tailed Girl


Annabel and I have had a great spring break! After picking her up at my mom and dad's she and I had a playdate at my old friend Ariel' much fun! Those are the above pictures. She had fun wearing Titus' hat and his daddy's shoes! She and Titus actually played really well together, which was pretty amazing. Check out Ariel's blog for tons of craft/homemade-stuff ideas! I wish I had more time to do creative stuff!  

A few days later I decided to see if Annabel's hair would go in pig-tails- alas, it did! I have been getting so tired of her hair always being in her eyes, and this is perfect. And soooo cute! When Derek picked her up from daycare he didn't recognize her!:) (yes, I took Annabel to daycare while I was on spring break...hehe. Hey! We pay for it whether she goes or not, so I opted for some "me" time!:)

What a big girl!

We went to see the cow and donkey at camp...she was fascinated but also a little nervous...
There they are!

The next day we played outside all afternoon! It was sooo nice! We also took a walk to the library to check out the fun farm toys:) I didn't even realize it, but our library has a nice little play area with kid-sized furniture and books that don't have to be kept in order. She loved it! We even checked out a few books! (You may laugh- but those new books bought me 20 minutes that evening!)

Then of course we had to go out and see daddy for dinner and eat his yummy tacos and monster cookies! 
Yum Yum!

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Tera said...

Love the pigtails!!