Friday, February 20, 2009

Life With a Crazy Toddler

These first pictures are of the dress/shirt I made for her last week. It was supposed to be a dress but when I tried it on her it was pretty short! I wasn't crazy about the way it fit, but I guess that's why you keep practicing to make perfect! (Also, i guess that's why you take measurements:))

we love spaghetti night!!

and yogurt for breakfast!
I love how this is a series of pictures. Annabel is getting more independent and wanting to use the spoon herself. I guess I'm glad that she's able to do more, but it's hard to give up the control! Plus- what a mess!:)

and I love her face in this last one:
must be some pretty good yogurt!!

The shirt says it all. 

I just love a baby in a diaper:) In this picture she is pointing at the window because she wants to go outside!
She's content just to look, for now.

Earlier today, a little bummed by the cold weather, we (I) decided to have a beach party!!

As long as she doesn't do this when she's 16!

The child does love to look out the window! I love the lighting in this picture. 

Last but not least, Annabel's very own keyboard. She loves banging on my laptop so much I made Derek cut off the cord to this one just for her! Unfortunately, she's still much more interested in mine...

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Rock 'n Roll Momma© said...

it was hard for me to give up spoon control with javen, but one day he just INSISTED and from there on he's been a self-feeder. i'm just glad he inherited my OCD-ness about food and not liking to have a mess on his hands, face, or the table. he's a rather neat eater!

kids always know when you try to give them a non-functional substitute for your gadgets. they know that dead cell phones and old keyboards can't DO anything, which is why they love the real thing! darn them!