Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday!

On this week's menu:
Monday - cheeseburger soup, hawaiian sweet rolls

Tuesday - pizza at school (lunch)
- spaghetti, garlic bread, green beans

Wed - tilapia, alfredo, peas

Thurs - Breakfast for supper! Bacon, eggs, pancakes. Canned fruit or apple slices. (on this night we have a short window of eating - 5-6 pm)

Friday - Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn (my night to cook!)

Saturday - steak and rice, hawaiian rolls, steamed broccoli

Sunday - tuna melts (lunch) <---Didn't get around to them last week! 
     - pot roast with carrots, onions, celery; crescent rolls

Happy eating!


Derek said...

You may want to know that I have to make supper on both Friday and Saturday at camp...good times.

Ariel said...

mmmmmm....I so want to eat at YOUR house ;) How've you been??? :)

Tera said...

I always make mashed potatoes and corn with meatloaf too! ;) Bryn loves meatloaf...she'll eat half the pan! Her shoes are the brand "Squeakers" but I took out the squeakers. They were Braylee's...couldn't pass up the cool pink, green, and orange combo. If I knew I wasn't having anymore girls, I'd let you have them. :)