Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Random Annabel

Hi Everyone. This is Annabel instead of my mommy. Someone sent me this list on my Facebook page and mommy said I should post it here instead of on there. So this is a list of 25 random facts about myself.

1. When I was born I weighed 7 lb 14 oz. 
2. I surprised mommy and daddy by being a girl instead of a boy!
3. I love shoes. I'd rather have a new pair of shoes than a new dolly! I like to wear mommy and daddy's shoes, too!
4. This morning I tripped over a pair of shoes in the hallway and hit my head on the door! That hurt really bad and I cried but mommy made it better. Now I have a big bump and a bruise on my forehead! 
5. I just pooped but mommy doesn't know it yet. 
6. I'm simultaneously fascinated by and terrified of anything hot. 
7. Bathtime is my favorite time of the day! 
8. Sometimes I dream about going to the prom with Elmo. 
9. My favorite person in the whole world is mommy
10. After mommy my favorite person is grandma, then Bailey, then daddy. 
11. Mommy said I have to say daddy is my second favorite person (wink, wink)
12. I love to read books! My favorite book right now is called Rainbow Rob. 
13. Sometimes I feel frustrated and mad.
14. Mommy makes me eat vegetables for a snack but daddy gives me cookies! Then daddy is my favorite person. 
15. I get in trouble when I mess with the stereo and the volume knob! 
16. I like to hide things under the couch. Sometimes I put my cookies under the couch and go back for them later! 
17. I haven't been around too long but I know lots of stuff. 
18. I can turn the tv on with the remote control! I can also change the channel when mommy and daddy are watching. Its funny to watch them yell!
19. I've been to Tennessee, Seattle, Iowa, Wisconsin, Chicago, Kentucky and Florida (when I was in my mommy's belly!) And maybe more places. Mommy can't remember.
20. Some people say I'm the cutest baby they've ever seen.
21. I have a cousin named Morganne and pretty soon she's going to be 1 just like me! 
22. Some of my favorite foods are peas, macaroni, hot dogs, daddy's risotto, bananas, Life cereal, cheese, quesadillas, and cheeseburgers.
23. Sometimes I pretend to not understand what mommy is telling me so I don't have to do it. I learned that from daddy. 
24. I like to show strangers my belly! I learned that from daddy too. 
25. I have lots of special people in my life that love me. I'm pretty lucky. 


John and Heather said...

Cute! I miss you guys.

lilmack3562 said...

This is great! You're right Annabel, you do have lots of people around that love you lots! Wish we were closer to see you more. Can't wait to see you help celebrate at cousin Morganne's birthday!

Grandma Jean said...

Annabel, I think you are going to be as funny as your mommy and daddy. I can't wait to see you again.