Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day week!

As far as my brain can remember, this hasn't been a super-special week by any means.  We all went about our routines as usual; work, school, daycare, family time. Derek had his last (rescheduled due to weather) Christmas dinner on Wednesday, and I know he's relieved about that! However, that more leftover cheesecake for me for another year:( Probably for the best!  Speaking of which...I made it to the gym twice this week! Go me! I feel a little bit more motivated when the weather is cooperating. 

It's been so nice this week, we've played outside several times and one night we all (Derek, myself, Annabel and Bailey) walked to the library and rented movies. Annabel LOVES being outside, and she cried when I put the stroller back in the closet! That makes me so excited for this summer, because I love being outside. I have lots of plans for our back yard this summer. We've pretty much neglected it for the past 3 years, just letting it be Bailey's kingdom, but this year with a toddler I'm going to take advantage of the fenced yard! If anyone (nearby) hears of any used patio furniture for cheap or free please let me know! 

Valentine's day came and went in our home with little fuss. I had planned to buy valentines for Annabel's classmates, but she doesn't go on Fridays so I kind of forgot. And Derek said he meant to buy me flowers, but I think he forgot as well. Oh well. 

We did manage to go out to eat with my grandparents on Valentine's Day (had a heck of a time finding a restaurant that wasn't reservations only!) and Annabel wore her sweet little tutu...:) I don't think a single person who saw her didn't say..."awwwww, look at the baby!" Can you blame them?! ;)

We stuck to our meal plan pretty well, but you have to be flexible with it as well! You have to allow for life happening! I was going to make cheeseburger soup Friday night, but Derek had some duck breasts in the fridge that really needed used so we had that instead. And we were going to have McDonalds Wed night but I ended up not going in to work, so we came home and munched on some leftovers. Derek's red beans and rice was sooo delicious! I could eat that every week! I'll try to get him to post the recipe on his blog. Anyway, since I already have hamburger thawing, I'll have to make the soup tomorrow night! 

Saturday my grandparents came up and brought a cedar chest my grandpa made me for Christmas. It is so gorgeous! I know it took him longer to make than he anticipated, but it was worth the wait. I can't wait to get it up to our room and put stuff in it! :) 
Another fun surprise my grandma brought (this one's for you, Tera).....GYMBOREE! Yay! This will be her little Easter dress this year. So cute!
I'm working on a dress for Annabel right now. In fact, I can't wait to get off here and get to my sewing machine while she's still napping! It is similar to Matilda Jane's knot dresses, and I got some Amy Butler fabric in teals and lime greens that is sooo cute. I hope to get it done in time for Morganne's birthday party:)

This morning we went to church for the 4th Sunday in a row. I'm pretty sure that is a record for us, so I guess its safe to say we are in the right place. Last Monday we went to our old church and spoke with the pastor and his wife. We just wanted to explain to them why we hadn't been coming and what our reasons for switching were. It was very emotional for me, and yes, I cried. I have never met such friendly, welcoming people in my life, and it was hard to say goodbye. But it was time. We need a place where Annabel can grow, and honestly, I needed a place where my husband felt excited to go. That's very important. So now I just have to make sure we don't get swallowed up in the "bigger" church and not become involved. 

That's about all for now! I'll try to post a new menu plan tomorrow! 

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Tera said...

A is just soo adorable with those big eyes and blonde hair. LOVE the new gymbo clothes!! :) I love the crocheted dress. I'm sad Brynna is no longer in the baby section, or I'd be buying it! (Actually, she is still wearing 18-24 mo mostly right now, but I usually go a size up in the dresses for extra length.) Can't wait to see A in her new duds! I hope you continue to enjoy your new church. I've told you before, but we are so blessed with a wonderful church here, full of growth, little ones, and young couples. You want to come be Mennonite with me?! :) P.S. I'm actually headed to Gymboree this afternoon. I'll let you know if I buy anything!