Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who Can Take Credit for Annabel?

Yesterday Annabel and I were having a conversation in the car. We were talking about the difference between boys and girls... i.e. "Mommy is a girl. Daddy is a boy. Bailey is a boy. Are you a girl or a boy?" Most of the time she is pretty convinced that she is a boy, and I was trying to explain to her that she is a little girl! 

"Why, mommy?" As I start to go into specifics, about our bodies, etc, I stop myself. We've been down this road before and it's way over her head. I sigh and say, "Because that's the way God made you!"

"No, mommy. Daddy made me." :-D

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Tera said...

Cute! I go into specifics with my girls all the time. I know it's over their heads, but I'm amazed at how much they actually understand and retain.