Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gift Registry

Some have been wondering what we need for Baby Dodo. Really the only thing we really need are some new diapers. Since I bought most of Annabel's used, and we had a pretty small rotation, they are getting pretty threadbare! I added a link to a gift registry I created there to the right ------> See it? Let me know if you have any questions!


Melissa Wisley said...

So when I click on the diaper link and the two types of diapers and leg warmers come up that is what you need right? How many are you wanting of each? I have two dozen prefolds and I think 5-6 diaper covers that will last you up to 10lbs that you can borrow. That should get you through the first month depending on how big he is when he's born.

Lynsey Grant said...

Melissa, no, that is not the registry. The link should take you directly to the page that asks for a passcode. Then you type in 'Grant' and it will take you to the registry. I didn't register for any newborn stuff b/c I knew you had stuff! :)

Melissa Wisley said...

Oh Duh! Now I see that you have the passcode underneath the website. :)