Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's Christmas!!

Since we had planned to do so much traveling at Christmas this year, we celebrated at our house a few days early. It was so much fun to watch Annabel open her presents this year, and we were rewarded with many "ooooh!'s" and "gasp's" So sweet! We kept Christmas pretty low-key, since we knew she would also be getting so much from grandparents and aunts/uncles! From us she received many books and puzzles, two of her favorite things! She also got a wooden train and a train whistle. I'm pretty sure her favorite thing was the candy in her stocking, since she doesn't get much candy around here!  

As for myself, Derek was very thoughtful in the gifts he chose for me. I'm always surprised at how well he knows me when he chooses gifts for me! He got me several knitting pattern books, including some vintage baby patterns and some toy pattern books. So cute! He also gave me several more "fancy" types of yarns than I am used to buying for myself. My fingers are itching to start on some adorable little things for this new baby! And maybe some leg warmers for my "big" baby! Derek also surprised me with a Moby Wrap so I'll be able to tote around the little tyke in style ;)

Derek was happy with his dehydrator and Organic Gardening book:) He's been looking up recipes for jerky, which I'm pretty excited about, too. 

On the Tuesday before Christmas, we headed down to my parent's. We were able to take Bailey, which worked out so well and saved us so much money. As I walked into my parent's house, I was amazed to see an 18-foot Christmas tree in the living room! It was enormous! I couldn't believe my mom actually had enough decorations for it, but she did and it looked lovely. 

On Christmas Eve my brother flew in from Seattle. My mom was really nervous that he wouldn't make it, since last year his flight was delayed until the day after Christmas. :( However, although 105 flights from Minneapolis (his layover) were cancelled on Christmas Eve due to weather, my brother's flight made it through! It was so good to see him and I know my mom was ecstatic to have him for Christmas. 

My parents surprised Annabel (and me!) with a beautiful hand-made dollhouse. A man who is a long-time family friend made it for her, and he did a very good job. Since it was too big to fit in our car today, I'm anxious for them to bring it up here! We had so much fun playing with it while we were there! 

On the day after Christmas, we loaded up again and headed to Des Moines where Derek's parents live. I forgot my camera, so I'll have to wait until my sister-in-law posts pictures and steal them from her blog! While we were there, we got to go sledding in their front yard- very fun! I didn't think Ananbel would like it, since she tends to not be much of a daredevil, but she loved it! She kept asking, "one more time?" I was also excited to be able to do a little fabric shopping with my mother-in-law and purchase some stuff to redo the kids' room. I'm planning to do blue, lime green, and pink, and I got lots of fabric in these colors. Woohoo! 

Soon after we got back from Iowa, we headed to Kentucky for New Year's Eve! Such craziness! Derek's uncle throws a huge party every year, and always asks us to come. This year, we decided to accept, and my brother came with us. It was fun, but I ended up getting a horrible headache and going back to grandma's around 10:00 to crash on the couch! Sooo, yeah. Not a great New Year's for me, but I think the boys had fun. 

My brother helps Annabel buckle her baby into the carseat :D

I made my brother this scarf for Christmas!

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Grandma Jean said...

I love the green sweater on Annabel. So pretty! How is the recycling of the sweater yarn coming? We sure had fun during Christmas!