Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, it is that time once again. A new year, and a new chance to start good habits :) I am always a sucker for New Year resolutions, so I thought I'd start by reviewing last year's goals. 
1. Learn how to knit in the round - I did it!
2. Do more crafts with Annabel - Certainly did
3. Eat more salad - Nope. I just really hate salad.
4. Make laundry soap - Did it, but haven't been too impressed. Maybe I'll play around with different recipes this year.
5. Redecorate the living room - Did it, but am already ready for a change again!
6. Write my brother more letters - Don't think I wrote a one
7. Lose 5-10 lbs by going to the gym on my lunch break - HA!
8. Stop biting my fingernails - Hmmm, well there's always this year :)
9. Stay on a routine for keeping the house clean - I'd say I've done better at this, but nowhere near where I want to be!
10. Walk the dog at least twice a week - HA! At least I nagged Derek to take him out more :)

So this year I am making a few new resolutions:
1. FInd a decent-paying part time job
2. Have a baby
3. Learn how to juggle two-child parenthood and said part time job
4. Start paying off student loans
5. Keep a plant alive long-term
6. Visit my brother in Seattle
7. Redecorate the kids' room
8. Make a new friend
9. Continue to develop a house-keeping schedule
10. Be nicer to Bailey

Wish me luck!

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Paula said...

No 3 shouldn't be too hard to keep! HA - hope you're feeling well these days. We're about to welcome a new little one into our family....... any day now! Dr. says he doesn't think she'll go full-term!