Monday, December 8, 2008


What a week. Everything started out well enough...I took Monday and Tuesday off to work on my finals and end-of-semester projects, but unfortunately I didn't get enough done on those two days. Wednesday I had a job interview for next semester's internship, and I started feeling really crummy. I was hoping it was just butterflies, but I had a feeling it wasn't since Annabel has had the flu. I made it through the interview, went to lunch for our final supervision of the semester, and couldn't eat a thing. So anyway, I was counting on yesterday afternoon to finish everything up, but ended up sleeping from about 2:00 on. Derek was such a hero, feeding Annabel and playing upstairs with her until bedtime, but by about 11:00, he was feeling it too. So....we spent the night basically taking turns in the bathroom and this morning was kind of brutal as well. Derek was supposed to drive the bus this morning, and couldn't find a replacement (a sub for the sub??) but ended up throwing up in the parking lot of the school and they let him go home! Haha. So I took Annabel to daycare, because I knew we were in no shape to chase her around, and we've been laying on the couch all day. I feel so bad about that- I felt like I was abandoning her for the day! But, I have to tell myself, if we were feeling well today, we would both be at work and she would be in daycare anyway, so I guess it evens out. Anyway, I still haven't finished my finals (due yesterday) but I'm hoping my professor understands. 

Oh yeah - And we had a great time in Vegas! The weather was so wonderful (high 60's all week), and Derek's grandma was so surprised to see us! Derek enjoyed playing penny slots with her, and I think she had a good time too. Especially since she kept winning;) As for us....I think we came out about even. Derek came home with cash in his pocket, and I came home with lots of shopping bags! Woohoo!  Anyway, here are the only pics I took while we were there: 

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