Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas with the Grants

This weekend we made the trip to Iowa to see Derek's parents. As usual, nothing with us is uneventful:)  Thursday evening I was running some errands with Annabel in order to leave reeeally early Friday morning. At the bank drive-thru, my window wouldn't roll down but I figured it was just frozen. We continued on to take back library books and gas up the car, then on to McDonalds for a quick drive-thru dinner. I had forgot my window wouldn't come down...whoops. As I was trying to "unstick" it, it gives a loud "chunk" and falls down into the car door. So the day before we are to make an 8-hour trip to Iowa, after 5:00 on a Friday, we have no car to drive. Luckily, the camp recently had a Honda Civic donated to them, and they were kind enough to let us borrow it. It is a really nice car! It was roomier than our VW and got better gas mileage too. I kept joking that we can buy it from the camp and donate the Jetta. 

We had a really good time in Iowa. It was nice to spend time with family, and as always, I love getting the girls together. Annabel was so funny with Morganne. She kept giving her hugs and kisses, but also sitting and playing with her. 

Annabel is growing up so fast. She is starting to follow simple directions, such as "get your shoes," or "put that back." She also knows her nose, eyes, mouth and ears. Oh, and belly, hair, and shoes (Not belly hair!). She kept us all entertained with her goofiness. At one point she had lost all her pacifiers and I turned the house upside down looking for them. Finally I asked her, "Annabel, where's your paci?" She led me into the laundry room and pointed into the tall hamper. Sure enough, all her paci's were mixed in with the dirty clothes!:) Haha. 

Today we had awful weather coming home. The 8-hour trip turned into a 13 1/2-hour one with all the snow and sleet. There were so many vehicles in the median that were on their side or completely over, and semis jack-knifed across the highway that I kept joking that the rapture happened and we were left behind. :) Kind of eerie, though. 

I'm too tired to post any pics tonight. I'll probably wait awhile and post all pictures at once, since we're leaving tomorrow for my family's. I hope everyone has a lovely and safe Christmas holiday:)

By the way, check out my sister-in-law Holly's last blog post (on my sidebar). They had tiger cubs in their veterinary clinic and they are really cute! 

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