Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Days

Annabel and I have had a nice week! Last week, while Derek and I had the flu, I called my mom to come help us out. So she came and stayed through the weekend, watching Annabel and keeping my house clean (Thanks, mom!), but then she got it too! So then we nursed her back to health, but I'm sure she would have rather been at her own house- I think everyone likes to puke in their own toilet! Haha.
One thing we did while she was here was make Christmas candy. That is something we used to do every year when my grandma was alive. We would make really special stuff like mashed potato cookies, sand dollars, Mexican wedding cakes, rock candy, caramels, fudge, hershey bud cookies and so much more. So my mom and I try to keep the tradition alive, but its never quite the same. For one, we I don't think we have near the stamina that my grandma did! She was tireless in her baking efforts. This year, mom and I made caramels with black sea salt (my idea!:), turtles, and peanut butter and chocolate fudge. I gave plates to my work supervisor and all my professors for putting up with me this semester:) I turned in lots of things late!
The rest of the week we've  just been hanging out at home and I've been finishing up last-minute Christmas crafting (gifts). I can't say what I've been up to, since they are for people who might read this, but I'll post some pictures after Christmas! I've been having fun making stuff for people. 

It is so much fun getting Christmas stuff for a toddler! I may have gone a little overboard, which I swore I wouldn't do, but let's face it - this is the age when they really enjoy it! I have to admit though, I think she's seen all her gifts. I haven't made any effort to hide/wrap them, so she's been poking at them and playing with some of them already:) She especially likes her cousin Morganne's presents, for some reason! 

Derek has been busy with Christmas dinners at the camp, and making and selling cheesecakes. It is a nice little extra income at this time of year. Especially with our job situation! Maybe I haven't posted about that on here yet; the camp has been really struggling financially for the last several months - attendance and giving have been way down- and they finally this month laid off four employees. Including their cook. Sooo....that leaves us in quite a predicament since I'm not working either. I'm trying not to get too worked up about it. I know God will provide for us - He always has. He is faithful and He brought us here for a reason  - not to let us starve!:) But if you who are believers would like to pray for our situation, I would appreciate it. I am praying for a job where Derek is challenged and that he will be able to gain more experience in his field and that he enjoys. 

I'm going to get back to some crafting, but I'll leave you with some pictures! 
 Dressed up for church Sunday - so pretty!

 Daddy's little chef!

I just thought this was cute...peeking into the fridge!
 A healthy snack of raisins, apples and peanut butter
There is acute story behind this... she LOVES this little dog. It is probably the last stuffed animal I would have picked for her to become attached to (got it free at a yard sale this summer, probably got it for Bailey:) but she sleeps with it, carries it around, etc. It has a squeaker in the ear - which I think is funny because my favorite stuffed animal as a child was a snoopy dog with a squeaker in the ear!

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Tera said...

Thank you for the pictures; she's a doll! Your candy reminded me of a treat I wanted to make this year...rolos melted on top of pretzels...yummy! No sure I can eat them with all of this hardware in my mouth, but I might give it a try anyway!