Monday, November 24, 2008

Pictures from the Week....

No energy to write.

 Annabel looked so cute in her little Carharts!
 A budding reader....

 The next day, Annabel discovered some goodies... yeah, probably not the best place for it these days... 
 Tom Collins, anyone??

 Enjoying a snack of apples and grapes on the couch with mommy...yum!

 Annabel's not a huge fan of brushing her teeth, so I thought maybe if I demonstrated she would be a little more interested! Look how intently she watching me! (P.S. Do you love the door that Derek stripped and put back up without sanding and painting??)

We went down to my parents this weekend so Derek and Marcus could hunt. They didn't have any luck, but we did have fun! Sunday was such a beautiful day, I couldn't resist getting Annabel bundled up to play outside. 
 We went to 'Once Upon a Child' while we were there. Annabel needed some new jeans because someone (I won't mention names) left her only pair of jeans wadded up and wet in his Jeep and they are moldy and ruined. So, I found two super cute pairs - and I couldn't resist this little grey two-piece outfit. Even though she doesn't need clothes, I'm a sucker for coordinating outfits (makes getting dressed in the mornings so much easier!). You can't see it too well in the pictures below, but its like a little tunic/dress with leggings. 
 Again with the books! I love it!

Last night as I was working on this post, Annabel woke up for the third time between 8:30-12:30. She is sick again! She just got over the last cold, and now she is snotty, feverish and cranky all over again. Annabel slept with us (me)  and we were up a lot last night! Boo!

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