Monday, November 17, 2008

A Picky, Sicky, Silly Little Monster

Annabel and I have been hanging out inside all weekend, because it's COLD out! This morning there is a layer of snow on the ground - boo. Its going to be a long next 6 months:(
Derek was hoping to make it out for the first day of deer season, but he had to work all weekend. I know he was disappointed, but he and Marcus are planning to go down to my parents next weekend to go. Oh, who are we kidding - I'll probably go, too. 
Yesterday Annabel and I layered up and headed out to church. However, halfway through the service I was called out because Annabel had not stopped crying since I dropped her off and she felt warm. Sure enough, her temp was 103.5 and she was not a happy kid. With Motrin, she fluctuated from 101 to 104 all day, but today she's down to 99.5 and she's happy as could be. Right now she's looking out the window at the birds and clapping at them! So cute! She loves to look outside.
Earlier this week we had a nursing student from my school come over and do a Denver Developmental scale on her for class. Its basically the same thing they do at her appointments, just gauging her development based on her age. She was slightly ahead of her age group, having already mastered saying 6 words, walking backwards, stacking one block, and taking off an article of clothing. I think these tasks were average for 15-mo olds, whereas she is 14 months. She failed at stacking more than one block, feeding a baby, recognizing a picture and feeding herself with a utensil (These were also 15-mo old tasks). 
My favorite thing about Annabel right now is that she is silly. She does funny things like put a diaper on her head and walk into the wall (then laughs!), or steals something from your hand and runs away with it, laughing. And she is such a ham for the camera. What a goofball! One of the things that made Derek laugh this week was that he finally caught her picking her nose. I had been telling him for weeks that she's been doing it, but he didn't actually see her till now. 
The best part about right now is that I only have one week of classes left. After this week, its Thanksgiving Break, then Derek and I are going on vacation the next week (missing classes) and then its finals! Woohoo! It's almost over! Although I'll still be seeing my clients, I'll have a whole month off before the next semester starts. Praise the Lord. 
This morning Derek had to get up early to drive the school bus, so I got up too to enjoy a few hours before Annabel woke up. (Me, get up before dawn? I know, right!?) I really should do that more often! I had my shower, coffee and breakfast, and payed all our bills before she even woke up! It was really nice, because then I had way more time to spend with her, because I wasn't busy getting up and about myself. Its just hard to get up early when you don't have to, you know?
So anyway, even though I don't want to brave the blustery weather, we've got some errands to run so I don't think we've got any choice. I've also got some homework I need to catch up on, boo. Better go - more posts to come soon! Maybe I'll get better at taking pictures during the week!
We got to enjoy bathtime this morning:
 First we throw all our toys in the tub...
 Then we get in. Don't like it too much....then....seconds later....
 Love it!!
 All done!!
 Ready for the day.

She's been chasing this silly ladybug around all morning! Oh, the entertainment...


John and Heather said...

Ha, you got snow before we did! Its like 60 degrees here today. What's with the switch?

Rock 'n Roll Momma© said...

here's a tip i learned from my mom (who got it from my 7 year old brother's pediatrician, so it's not like this advice is way outdated from when i was little)...

if a child has a fever that is staying rather high, you can go back and forth between motrin and tylenol to get them dosed more frequently. like instead of every 6 hours getting one, you can give them something every 4 hours or so. it's because one is an ibuprofin and one is acetaminophen or however they spell that word!

of course, you should probably check with her doctor first just to be sure there hasn't been some study that finds it's unsafe to mix the two meds for little ones. these things can change even from year to year!

Tera said...

Cute bath pictures!

Paige said...

Oh, I love the bath tub pictures! That is soooo funny and so true how fast things change!!

I wanted to tell you that I uploaded pics of Soph's room, see if you can do anything with those colors and butterflies. I like the idea of whimsical-it just sounds cool! :)