Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Camp - Days 1, 2 and 3

Sunday we got to camp and got all the kids checked in. This is a small week, with 15 kids (jr. high) and 4 jr. faculty. Not sure why it's so small this year, but nonetheless the kids are having fun and enjoying getting to know each other. Since I have A this year, it is a bit different for me. We are staying in the Dean's cabin, which is a private cabin that has a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bath with a tub and everything. It's actually pretty nice. I wish we could have stayed here when we lived at camp! I joke that if they would have put us here they never would have got rid of us.

Anyway, since we are staying here, I have been missing staying with the girls in the cabin. Don't get me wrong, I have loved the vacation, and spending more time with A, but I do love getting to know the girls, doing craft stuff for their bunks, etc. I absolutely love this age, and I am just missing being in there with them. 
I am acting as the camp nurse this week, a position I volunteered for so that I would get a little more interaction with the campers. Basically it just means I give the kids their ADHD meds and carry around a backpack with bandaids, epi-pen, benedryl, etc. There are several EMT's that live on camp, so if there was a true medical emergency, I would not be solely responsible! (shew!)
This week is called Hands and Feet. It is service project oriented, which 
means the kids do projects around the camp rather than have rec time or swimming or whatever. It is so amazing to see the kids give up their "fun" time to work, but they really enjoy it and always have such great attitudes. As this is our 6th (and last) year to do this week, we have had many of the same kids year after year, and some of them are even jr. faculty this year.  I love to see how they have grown and just being able to watch them become more mature each year and grow with Christ. It is so encouraging.
Usually we have a group from Puerto Rico come (friends from college and friends we have made there) but this year only Brian and Anna Ritter were able to come. We are missing Jose, Andre and Ana Maria! We are also missing Chris, Zach and Quentin, who usually do worship and drama. It is just different with not everyone here, and a little nostalgic. 
Monday I played paintball for the first time! It was fun, but soooo hot and muggy, and of course I was wearing jeans and a camo jacket, as well as the regulation mask. I thought I was going to die. I played it pretty safe behind my little bunker, so I didn't get hit:) I think it would be really fun if it were about 20 degrees cooler out!
A has been having so much fun as well! She has enjoyed being able to spend some time with her grandma (my mom) who is here this week and staying in the cabin with us. Yesterday I kept my painting date with Angie (we try to get together and paint every Tues) so my mom kept her most of the day. She taught her how to say "uh-oh," and "bye" ! Amazing! In addition to clapping her hands, she can do the sign for "milk" and "done." She also walks all the way across the room while holding onto her walker! It has been really fun being able to spend extra time with her and watching her learn these things. 

Today we are having a friend out, Nora. Lindsay, her mom, and I, met when A was one week old, at a breastfeeding group at the hospital. Even though neither of us go to the group
 anymore, we have remained friends and try to get together every so often to let the girls play and debate parenting theories:) She is also the one who inspired me to use cloth diapers, and even loaned me some to try out before I bought any. So anyway, she is pregnant again, and needing a break from the Nora Monster, so she is coming to play with us today! Yay!
Here are some pics from the week:

Group picture

This was all fun and games until she dropped one on her foot!
Trying to join worship

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