Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Camp - Friday

The last day of camp came and went too quickly. It was over before it even started, in my mind. Since I was the nurse, I had to sit at checkout and give parents back the medications, so I missed the baptism and didn't get to say goodbye to any of the kids. That was disappointing for me. I really enjoyed this week, and am kind of sad that it was our last week. I understand that all things must run their course, but its still sad to see it go. Next year we plan to be faculty at a high school week, and take a break from deaning. Who knows what will happen after that:)
 The kids finished tearing down the old climbing wall. I was proud of them! On the last day two girls stepped on nails and a third one ripped off her pinky toenail. Ouch! As the nurse, this was my most eventful day. All three silly girls were wearing flip flops at the construction site, which I had told them repeatedly not to do. Hopefully, each girls tetnus shot was up to date:) And the best part about this project is that Marcus is going to let me have any wood I need for our patio that I am wanting to build out back. Woohoo!
  I just love this picture of Marcus and A. They really like each other.

 These three are like the 3 Musketeers! I am just glad that Derek has finally found some friends up here in Marcus and Isaac. It makes living with him much more bearable:)
   Isn't this what camp is all about?
  Brian ~ Camper H~ Derek and A ~ Anna Ritter ~ Ethan ~ Amber ~ Dusty 
 Ahh, the final goodbyes. I sure will miss everyone. 
That's all for now! New posts to come shortly!

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