Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Wonderful Vacation Weekend

This past weekend Annabel and I travelled down to my folk's because my brother was in town. We stayed from Saturday to Tuesday...a nice long break! Derek wanted to come, but had to work on Sat/Sun and had some other things going on as well.

Saturday night we had a birthday party for my grandpa...68 years old! In traditional fashion, my grandma set out amazing appetizer-style cheeses and other yummies, and my Aunt Paula brought this amazing marinated pulled pork and gave Derek's a run for his money! :) We had a good time, and it was fun to hang out with cousins and just relax. 

Sunday after church, we all headed out to the woods to do a little mushroom hunting. It wasn't too great, I'd say we found about a dozen or so. They were all really good size though. And good eats, too, I must add! There's something wonderful about the taste of morrell mushrooms in the spring. However, Annabel did not enjoy playing in the woods, so I didn't get to do any serious hunting! That same evening, we headed over to my uncle's cabin and played in the water while the boys continued hunting for mushrooms. It was such great weather, I'm glad we got to take advantage of it. I forgot the sunscreen, so Annabel and I both got plenty of sun. 

Monday we played at the park...another beautiful day! That afternoon my mom and I headed to Goodwill. This Goodwill isn't your typical Goodwill (I discovered this in college....Goodwill store's in bigger cities are much dirtier and nastier than the one in my small hometown!) I never fail to find some awesome name brand deals, and this was no exception. I found a Banana Republic skirt, a couple American Eagle tank tops and some Ann Taylor walking shorts...woo hoo! I love a good deal! My brother found a really funny Ghost Busters tee-shirt, too. 

Tuesday was a pretty laid back morning, and I had to take my brother back to the air port that afternoon (sniff, sniff). We had to stop at the Pier 1 store in Terre Haute, because the are going out of business!  Everything is 25-50% off! Had I had a truck and more time, I could have done some serious shopping. As it was, I bought three new pillows for our couch- all reduced to $8-$12 from $30+!! I absolutely loooove Pier 1 and I was so sad to see this store closing. 

Well, I got Gareth safely dropped off and made it home through the rain that finally came upon us. Annabel was very happy to see her daddy. (I was too!;) I was especially happy to see that he got the drywall in the bathroom sanded and ready to paint! That's my man! He also got a lot planted in out vegetable garden, which I know was a huge relief off his mind. So we're settling back into routine and getting things back to normal. It was a much needed break, that's for sure. 

Anyway, I took a ton of pictures over the weekend, and condensed them all into a slideshow. Hopefully it isn't too large of a file to play for you. 


Ariel said...

What fun! I'm so jealous of your woodsy relaxation! Annnnd the Sullivan goodwill ;) You all look great! Gareth looks exactly like your dad and uncle ;) your momma looks fantastic too ;) HUGS!

Tera said...

It sounds like you had a great getaway. Love all of the pictures. I agree...the colors in the rocking chair pictures are awesome.