Thursday, April 9, 2009

Annabel and Morganne, BFF

Last weekend we went down to Derek's brother and sister-in-laws to visit and hang out. The girls were so cute together! They are at a fun age where they're starting to interact with each other. I couldn't just pick a few pictures, so I did the slideshow thing instead:

Halfway through the day Annabel's diaper leaked, which is why she has a different outfit on...I just happened to have a bag of Goodwill clothes with us, or she would have had to borrow something from her cousin!:)

This week has been pretty uneventful. The best thing that has happened was that yesterday Annabel finally said "mommy!" (She usually says "mama") So that was exciting for me. We are anxiously waiting for summer and good weather. Hopefully I'll have enough time to actually enjoy it!!

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Rock 'n Roll Momma© said...

wait til she just graduates to calling you "mom"! then you will wonder where your baby went! i have no clue where javen got that from...i surely didn't teach him. i still love the momma phase...hehe!