Saturday, April 18, 2009

The weekend again...finally. Yesterday (Friday) we had a really fun day. First we went to Miss Melissa's so mommy could do yoga. Annabel has fun there because Melissa and Joe have a puppy named Maximus. She also liked to pretend to do yoga too, and climb on mommy when she's in all the fun poses. It adds a little extra challenge:) I'll try to get some pictures of her doing yoga poses next week:) While we were there, Annabel had a stinky diaper, but in the diaper bags were no diapers! Uh-oh! So we improvised...Melissa had some size 1 diapers (awaiting the new baby). It was pretty skimpy but it did the job! Disaster averted.

In the afternoon, we went over to friend Lindsay's to play with Nora. We spent the whole afternoon outside! It has been so nice out the last couple of days. The girls played well together, playing in the sandbox and even in the pool for awhile! 

"Here, let me help you"

Kitties and bubbles, two of her favorite things!

Yes, they are playing in the yard naked! 
By evening, we were both completely exhausted. I was craving spaghetti, and since Derek wasn't going to be home until late it was a good night to make it (he never wants spaghetti). However, I didn't have any hamburger or sausage thawed, so I improvised with chicken nuggets- I know, I know- sounds kiiiiinda white trash- but it was really good! Kind of like chicken parmesan, kid style. 

This morning in her pj's, so cute

I tried to capture a picture of her laying in this chair watching cartoons, but in true Annabel-fashion, she was done watching by the time I got to my camera. Attention span of a gnat, I tell you!

Today we're just hanging out at home. I think this afternoon we will walk to the library and maybe to the park. I'm thinking about making a chocolate cake, too, just for the fun of it! Doesn't that sound good?!

I love this Japanese Magnolia tree in our backyard. It is probably the best part about our property. I told Derek that if we ever sell our house, it will have to be in the spring!

 Mmmm, quesadillas are my go-to food. Annabel will eat just about anything if its on a tortilla covered in cheese! Today's specialty is avocado spread with cheese. Sometimes I add mushrooms, bean spread, tomatoes, or pesto. Another favorite is granny-smith apples with cheddar cheese. Just some ideas! 

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