Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Answer to Prayer!!

DEREK HAS HEALTH INSURANCE!! Because he has a genetic blood condition (which has never required any treatment or medication) he is ineligible for private healthcare. Now, if either of us had a job that provided insurance benefits, it wouldn't be a problem, because group plans can't turn you down for genetic reasons. I wish I would have known that before I quit my job last year! So anyway, I applied for HIP (the new Healthy Indiana Plan) for him last August...and he just now got approved! What an answer to prayer! So anyway, what I have learned from this is that if you suspect you may have a genetic condition, but it isn't causing you any problems- DON'T GET TESTED FOR IT! It isn't worth being ineligible for insurance for the rest of your life.

Annabel has been sick this week. It started Monday when I was having a friend watch her so I could work on homework. She probably threw up 5-6 times that day- and poor Melissa (such a good sport:) got to watch me dry heave as I tried to clean it up! Derek is staying home with her yesterday and today, and I think she is feeling better today.

My dear brother is flying in from Seattle this week, so I'm planning to go down and spend some time with him. It should be a nice little vacation! My mom and I already have plans to hit Goodwill and the consignment shops! ;)

I'll try to post a few pictures tonight or tomorrow!

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Ariel said...

yeah, girl...scout out the Goodwill for me! Hope sweet Annabel feels better ASAP. Titus has an ear infection as of today...booooo.