Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Camp - Friday

The last day of camp came and went too quickly. It was over before it even started, in my mind. Since I was the nurse, I had to sit at checkout and give parents back the medications, so I missed the baptism and didn't get to say goodbye to any of the kids. That was disappointing for me. I really enjoyed this week, and am kind of sad that it was our last week. I understand that all things must run their course, but its still sad to see it go. Next year we plan to be faculty at a high school week, and take a break from deaning. Who knows what will happen after that:)
 The kids finished tearing down the old climbing wall. I was proud of them! On the last day two girls stepped on nails and a third one ripped off her pinky toenail. Ouch! As the nurse, this was my most eventful day. All three silly girls were wearing flip flops at the construction site, which I had told them repeatedly not to do. Hopefully, each girls tetnus shot was up to date:) And the best part about this project is that Marcus is going to let me have any wood I need for our patio that I am wanting to build out back. Woohoo!
  I just love this picture of Marcus and A. They really like each other.

 These three are like the 3 Musketeers! I am just glad that Derek has finally found some friends up here in Marcus and Isaac. It makes living with him much more bearable:)
   Isn't this what camp is all about?
  Brian ~ Camper H~ Derek and A ~ Anna Ritter ~ Ethan ~ Amber ~ Dusty 
 Ahh, the final goodbyes. I sure will miss everyone. 
That's all for now! New posts to come shortly!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Camp - days 4 & 5

Yesterday we had an exciting day with Nora here. That child is a bundle of energy! It was definitely a job keeping up with two children....not really sure how people do it all the time. After she left I realized just how nice it is to have only one!
With the help of two of the campers, my little junior nannies, we were able to do a lot of fun things. We played on the playground, swam in the baby pool and ate ice cream! By the time I took her home, she was fast asleep in the car:)
My little helpers

Then last night, I had to go into town for class and to see a client. While I was gone, the kids helped the Mephibosheth campers do the Giant Swing. 
A enjoys all the extra attention!
Mephibosheth Ministries is a group from the Indianapolis area that works with people who have different disabilities. They bring a group to camp every year, which always coincides with our week. It is cool, because the kids have a chance to step outside of their comfort zone and team up with a person that is much different than him/herself. I admit that I was very uncomfortable with it the first year (5 yrs ago!) but it was a great opportunity to step outside myself and see that none of us is all that different. A physical disability can happen to any of us at any time, and it is important for me to remember that I am no better than anyone else just because all my parts are in working order for the time being. 
Today I was gone again for most of the afternoon seeing clients. While I was gone, my mom took A to the pool to watch the kids, and much to her surprise, she acted like she really wanted to get in! (Usually she hates being in the water) That led to some impromptu swimming with clothes on, and I could not believe the pictures! My little girl was putting her face in the water, kicking and splashing, blowing bubbles, just having the time of her life! What a knuckle head!

Brian and Ethan playing a quick game of Corn Hole

A perfect end to a perfect day.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Camp - Days 1, 2 and 3

Sunday we got to camp and got all the kids checked in. This is a small week, with 15 kids (jr. high) and 4 jr. faculty. Not sure why it's so small this year, but nonetheless the kids are having fun and enjoying getting to know each other. Since I have A this year, it is a bit different for me. We are staying in the Dean's cabin, which is a private cabin that has a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bath with a tub and everything. It's actually pretty nice. I wish we could have stayed here when we lived at camp! I joke that if they would have put us here they never would have got rid of us.

Anyway, since we are staying here, I have been missing staying with the girls in the cabin. Don't get me wrong, I have loved the vacation, and spending more time with A, but I do love getting to know the girls, doing craft stuff for their bunks, etc. I absolutely love this age, and I am just missing being in there with them. 
I am acting as the camp nurse this week, a position I volunteered for so that I would get a little more interaction with the campers. Basically it just means I give the kids their ADHD meds and carry around a backpack with bandaids, epi-pen, benedryl, etc. There are several EMT's that live on camp, so if there was a true medical emergency, I would not be solely responsible! (shew!)
This week is called Hands and Feet. It is service project oriented, which 
means the kids do projects around the camp rather than have rec time or swimming or whatever. It is so amazing to see the kids give up their "fun" time to work, but they really enjoy it and always have such great attitudes. As this is our 6th (and last) year to do this week, we have had many of the same kids year after year, and some of them are even jr. faculty this year.  I love to see how they have grown and just being able to watch them become more mature each year and grow with Christ. It is so encouraging.
Usually we have a group from Puerto Rico come (friends from college and friends we have made there) but this year only Brian and Anna Ritter were able to come. We are missing Jose, Andre and Ana Maria! We are also missing Chris, Zach and Quentin, who usually do worship and drama. It is just different with not everyone here, and a little nostalgic. 
Monday I played paintball for the first time! It was fun, but soooo hot and muggy, and of course I was wearing jeans and a camo jacket, as well as the regulation mask. I thought I was going to die. I played it pretty safe behind my little bunker, so I didn't get hit:) I think it would be really fun if it were about 20 degrees cooler out!
A has been having so much fun as well! She has enjoyed being able to spend some time with her grandma (my mom) who is here this week and staying in the cabin with us. Yesterday I kept my painting date with Angie (we try to get together and paint every Tues) so my mom kept her most of the day. She taught her how to say "uh-oh," and "bye" ! Amazing! In addition to clapping her hands, she can do the sign for "milk" and "done." She also walks all the way across the room while holding onto her walker! It has been really fun being able to spend extra time with her and watching her learn these things. 

Today we are having a friend out, Nora. Lindsay, her mom, and I, met when A was one week old, at a breastfeeding group at the hospital. Even though neither of us go to the group
 anymore, we have remained friends and try to get together every so often to let the girls play and debate parenting theories:) She is also the one who inspired me to use cloth diapers, and even loaned me some to try out before I bought any. So anyway, she is pregnant again, and needing a break from the Nora Monster, so she is coming to play with us today! Yay!
Here are some pics from the week:

Group picture

This was all fun and games until she dropped one on her foot!
Trying to join worship

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pics and tidbits

I know, I know...I haven't posted on here in forever. I have tried several times, but it seems that my internet connection always goes out right before posting and I lose everything:( I guess that's what I get for pirating off the neighbors!
We have had a pretty uneventful week. Last weekend I spent cleaning out our extra downstairs bedroom and making it into a hobby room. I was able to move my sewing machine and painting stuff in there, so hopefully it will stay organized!
A couple times last week A took off her diaper in her crib and then pooped. And then played in it. And then smeared it around on everything. And then ate some:( Yucky. So that is why she now wears shorts to bed! Her room stays pretty warm, so I hate putting an extra layer on her, but I'm not sure what else to do besides buy overnight dipes that have snaps instead of velcro...
As you can see from the picture, she gets awfully sweaty in her crib at night! Daddy's working on installing a ceiling fan in her room. 
Next week we will be at camp all week. I am really looking forward to the vacation from work, though I'll still be seeing my practicum clients. I am also looking forward to just being at camp and relaxing, hanging out with Annabel and my mom. It should be a really good week. I promise to take pictures every day and post them.
Lately A has been clapping her hands - so cute! She is so proud of herself for being able to do this. The other day I was on the phone with a friend who had just told me she was pregnant, to which I responded, "yay!" I looked over and A had a huge grin on her face and she was clapping her hands! What a sweetie! 
Her hair is really coming in longer and thicker these days - but no curls:( I hate to say that I am disappointed, but how I had hoped for little curly-headed children! Her hair is as fine and straight as her daddy's though. It is amazing how much she resembles Derek. As my coworker Adam says, he'll never be able to deny that he's the father! She is becoming much more of a daddy's girl these days. Her little face just lights up whenever he comes into the room and she is always reaching up her arms for him to pick her up. Then if he doesn't pick her up, she starts fussing and hitting her hands on the floor! She definitely knows what she wants, when she wants it. Ha. Wonder where she gets that!
Anyway, here are a few pics from the week - I have been lazy about charging the camera battery, so I haven't been able to take as pictures as usual. Hope you enjoy them!

Friday, July 11, 2008

My little girl

Sometimes at night I sneak into A's room while she is sleeping and just look at her sweet, still frame. She is such a bundle of energy during the day that I just love to see her resting and calm in her sleep. My fingers ache to reach out and touch her soft skin but I don't with fear of waking and startling her. My eyes gaze at her silently and I feel the conflict of love but also fear...fear that she won't always be with me, that someday she will be hurt, or that she won't always love and need me the way she does now. And I wonder, has any mother ever loved a child as much as I love this one?
Emily Dickinson wrote that she measured every grief she met...and I write that I measure every mother I meet...with narrow probing eyes - I wonder if their love weighs like mine, or if it has an easier size?
I wonder if they bore it long -
or did it just begin?
I could not tell the date of mine -
it feels so old a joy

I wonder if it hurts to love -
and if they have to try -
And whether - could they choose a Love -
it would not be like mine?

There's Love of Want, and Love of Need
And Love of Purest Air
Did the love that Mary felt
End with her despair?

And though I may not guess the kind -
Correctly, yet to me
A piercing comfort it affords
In passing Calvary

To note the fashions - of the Cross
And how they're mostly worn
Still fascinated to presume
That Some -loves - are like my Own

(adapted from Emily Dickinson's "I measure every Grief I meet")

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy July 4th! I hope everyone had a fun day off work. I know we did! Here's a few snippets of how we spent our holiday weekend:
Ah, yes - the nap! What a sweetie!

Daddy's making us a table for the kitchen- what a handy man!

We're playing outside waiting for daddy to finish the table. A has decided that she likes the grass now. She loves to crawl around and explore the grass, the garden, the sidewalk, etc. She is very curious!

This is A's favorite new thing to do - she loves to stand at the toy basket, and throw every toy she can reach on the floor! This room was clean about 5 minutes before this picture! The next project for daddy is a real toybox:)

I got to spend some of my day sewing. I made A this new soaker out of an old cashmere sweater. It turned out really great - I was so proud of myself! The cashmere is soooo soft and wonderful - what a spoiled baby!

The back view - notice my detail to the cuffs being at an angle (pat on the back:)

The finished table. We also put the KitchenAid mixer on the bottom shelf- looks really good, and cleared off a lot of counter space! I absolutely love having the butcher block. It is so nice not having to get out a cutting board and having a great big space to work on. We have been using it like crazy!:)

After two years, we finally get around to hanging up our pots and pans! Looks pretty!

Goodbye everyone! See you soon!