Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fun at the Doctor

Tuesday A had her 9-mo doctor appointment. (Even though she's almost 11-mo!) She weighed 21 lb 4 oz (71%) and is 29 inches (72%). What a big girl! She was very healthy, no problems and no shots needed. Yeah!
She was so cute in the waiting room, she discovered her reflection in the door and was kissing herself!

She also made a friend, and begged snacks off her mom! That won't always be cute. 

Playing in the exam room

 I just thought she was so cute in her little overalls:)
Playing outside after church on Sunday
 What a sweetie!

My brother was in a pretty bad accident this week while riding his bike. He was riding down a steep hill when he hit a pot hole and lost control. He has 37 stitches and over 10 staples in his head and face, as well as several chipped teeth, which are causing him pain. Please pray for him as he heals (and when he gets the medical bills!) He is coming out here in a couple weeks and I can't wait to see him! I miss him!

A's birthday party will be Sept 6. We are looking forward to it! I tried to upload a video of her playing peek-a-boo, but it's not cooperating with me. Maybe later!

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