Thursday, August 28, 2008

A's smart!

In the past few weeks, I have noticed some things that make me realize just how smart my little baby is!
  • If you say "ball" she goes looking for her ball and doesn't stop till she finds it!
  • She knows the sign for "milk"
  • She puts toys in and out of the container they go in. For instance - all her blocks go in a bucket. She could spend 15 minutes just taking the blocks out of the bucket, then putting them back in!
  • If she rolls something under the couch, she puts her face all the way down on the floor and looks for it
  • She knows what "no" means and doesn't like to hear it!
  • She dances to music
  • If you sing or hum a tune from one of her toys, she will go to that toy and make it sing!
  • She knows the word "kisses" and gives them!

What a smart baby! I love her!

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John and Heather said...

Yeah I hope to do better about updating more often now that school has started again and things should be calming down a little. You on the other hand are a blogging master! I love reading your updates and seeing your pictures. I need to meet this little girl of yours!