Monday, August 4, 2008

Need a little help...

Okay, I need some advise from some of you more experienced mamas (and dads too, I suppose...). We have a serious stain problem in our house. You know what I mean - spitup, dirt, poop, carrot puree- pretty much anything and everything ends up on kid's clothes. So how do you keep it from staining? We have always used All Small and Mighty without any problem, but now that A's in the picture it's just not cutting it. Do Tide and the more expensive brands really work better? What about OxyClean? Does that stuff really work? I'd like to save stuff for the next kid and/or be able to hand it down to others, but not with all these yucky stains! 
Please let me know your laundry secrets and/or mistakes:)


Paula said...

Hey Lynsey - when my boys were little, I would use Cascade liquid in the wash once a month or so. I even used it with the bleach in an 'all-white' load. Seemed like it helped a lot.

My current stain remover of choice though is 'Spray N Wash' stain stick. I use it as soon as Caleb - heck who am I kidding - ANY of us - get a stain. Rub it right on the stain, and throw it in the hamper to sit until I do laundry in a few days. Good stuff. I just bought one and found my receipt. They cost $2.58 for the 4.3 oz which is fairly big. I use the spray too.

Tera said...

We use the shout sticks or SprayN Wash. They even have a Spray N Wash Max now...haven't tried it though. On greasy food stains, I use a bit of Dawn and scrub it in with an old toothbrush. And...some stains just never come out. :( Good Luck!