Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Knoxville trip!

We are finally home from our (long) weekend in Knoxville/Kentucky. We had such a great time! Probably too good of a time....left a lot of confusion and unresolved feelings about "home" in our hearts. But enough about that (for now).
We left Friday after work, which may or may not have been the best idea. A did not have a good time in the car. She cried (screamed) for several hours and on and off for the whole trip. It didn't help that she is cutting 2 more teeth- working on # 8 and 9! And one of them is a top eye tooth, which I hear is especially bad. After some Motrin, she finally fell asleep and we arrived and Wes and Melanie's around 1:30 am. After getting A settled in her port-a-crib, we stayed up chatting until about 3:30. It was great to catch up! Mel is like a sister to me, and even though we haven't been in the same city for several years, it never takes long before we're back in our old groove. 
Saturday we got up early to shop for Geneva's baby shower and headed to the church to decorate and set up. It was nice to leave the baby with daddy and get to do "girly" stuff!
The shower was co-ed and it was fun getting to see people from college that we hadn't seen in forever!
 The milk drinking contest

 Then "bobbing for babies" (can you tell Chris picked out the games?!)

 Nate, Derek and Dan with their girls

Then from the shower we went to the wedding that we went down for. I wish I had taken more pictures of it...it was so pretty and elegant. The reception was on the 5th floor of the Brewery, which was really awesome. Derek and I had a great time, which Mel and Wes kept A. 
 A looks on during the ceremony
 Mommy and daddy enjoy free food, free booze, and good friends:)

Sunday morning we went to church at the new church in Knoxville that our friend Bill and Mark Nelson (from Purdue Campus house) started, called Crossings. It is really awesome church with an amazing vision. It meets in a movie theatre in Beardon but is getting ready to move to Market Square which I think will be amazing. 
 She got away from me while I was changing her diaper!
 After church Mel and I took A to the mall. The above 2 pictures are of her having fun at Pottery Barn! At least she has good taste! Seriously, she was so cute...she loved to help "push" the stroller at that basket on the back. I believe that she'll be walking on her own soon. 

Later we headed over to Bill and Betsy's to hang out. Betsy's pregnant and due next Sunday! I was in awe over her awesome cloth diaper stash and her adorable nursery! She is way more prepared than I ever was! I can't wait to meet little Jude... I know he will be precious. 
 Playing an indoor version of "Cornhole"
That's all for tonight! I'll try to post more tomorrow!


The Eatons said...

Hey!! We are in Wabash, In....I'm pretty sure we close to you guys. We need to get Tyler down from Fort Wayne and hang out. You guys look like you are doing great and Annabel is so beautiful!

-Savannah and Brandon

Betsy said...

it was so great to see you three! we always enjoy your company and i think bill got some much needed QT with some boys!