Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun Weekend!

This has been a very nice week. Wed, Thurs and Fri I worked, obviously, which I guess wasn't so nice, but it was tolerable because my boss was at a training Thursday and Friday. I enjoy work so much more when he isn't there. I am counting down until my last day, which is Aug 29! Yay! While I am totally looking forward to it, I have to admit that I am nervous as well. Since we made the choice to move to back here and take the job at camp, I have been the "main" bread winner, as well as carrying the insurance, benefits, etc. Even with me working part time this year we were fine. But now...well, I just think it's going to be tough. Derek already has a few part-time jobs lined up, including working high school football games (running chains) and substitute bus driving and teaching. I'm really proud of him for stepping up and making sure we're okay. Especially since I know it would be so easy for him to go to a restaurant and walk out making twice (or three times) what he does now. That's just not the lifestyle that we need right now (or ever, really).

Friday I went out to camp after work to pick A up from daycare and eat dinner with the staff. Derek has been working on making Gyros, which were really yummy!

Saturday my mom came up for the weekend. We had planned to go to Indiana Beach on Monday, and then my brother got in his accident so she was going to go out to Seattle, but you know boys - Gareth decided he didn't need his mommy, so she went ahead and came up here. I was glad;) I need my mommy! Derek and I went to Indy Saturday evening for his birthday and ate at Buca de Beppo's and saw 'Dark Knight' at the IMAX. It was our first time to go on a real date since A was 6 wks old! How awful is that?! Usually our dates consist of a bottle of wine after A goes to bed;) We had a really nice time and even went to a car wash and washed and cleaned/vaccuumed out the car (how romantic). 

Sunday Derek went to Indy to pick his draft for Fantasy Football and my mom (and A) and I worked on my flower beds out front. I have been seriously neglecting them all summer. I planted 8 new plants, including a white rose bush, transplanted some lillies and one hydrangea bush, and weeded and mulched like crazy. Sunday night I was exhaused. Like, I seriously couldn't get off the couch. 

Then, finally, today we went to Indiana Beach. ("There's more than Corn in Indiana!") I had never been, but I guess I was expecting it to be the Holiday World of northern Indiana. Ha! I guess it wasn't bad, but had we not had free tickets I would have been pretty pissed to have payed $33 to get in.  My friend Annie came with me, and Derek decided at the last minute that he could afford a day off work and came as well. I was really glad! It worked out perfectly, because Derek and my mom get along so well and enjoy doing the same things, they took A and did "kiddie" stuff, while Annie and I went on roller coasters and enjoyed some adult fun (not that kind of adult fun!). Then we all joined up at the water park and enjoyed the lazy river and watching A crawl around in the sand and fountains. And the slides! (I'm such a kid). I was so glad Annie came. We always have so much fun together and today was no exception!
Being there today really made me appreciate what a easy-going, enjoyable child A is. As long as she can get down and crawl around, gets a nap in and has her paci and sippy cup, she is happy as can be. She loves to wave and say "bye!" and gives great kisses! I never have to worry about taking her places like today, because I know she'll do great! She's so easy! I'm a lucky mom. 
Well, I know this was a long post. Here are some pictures from today.
 I wanna go this way, daddy!
 We can't wait to get on the ride!
 A's having fun on the carousel!
 I just love this...she looks so big!

  This is my awesome retro swimsuit!

 She's modeling the sunscreen. She's wearing it, and just look how lovely her face is!

 This was hilarious. She was totally oblivious to how much this little boy wanted to play with her! Hopefully it will always be this way!:)
 Daddy's girl
 Oh my gosh - this is the absolute best picture ever! Look at all those teeth!

 Time to go home! Byeeee! (as she says:)

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Hey! Your little one is so precious! She was so cute at dinner Saturday night. Here's my email. Good to see you this weekend-