Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yard Sale Treasures II

Well, I thought I'd better go ahead and rave about all my wonderful yard sale finds this summer! Yard sale-ing is just about the most exciting thing I do (sad, I know!), so I'd better post about it. :)

Anyway, here goes:  

1) Hanna Andersson outfit with lots of crocheted detail. One of my favorites!
2) Janie and Jack jeans - score!
3) Gap 2-peice outfit
4) Old Navy blue long-sleeve tee-shirt
5) Janie and Jack skirt 
6) Reebok tennies - Annabel is so excited to one day wear these!
7) Stride Rites- these are kind of scuffed, but I figure all her shoes look like this after a week anyway, so who cares, right!?
8) Carter's dress shoes
9) Lot of Carter's and BabyGap jammies
10) Gymboree 3-peice outfit
11) Gymboree capris with ribbons on the sides
12) Adidas jogging suit :) Annabel plans to do lots of jogging this year!
13) brown velour BabyGap hoodie and pink Gap pants 
14) Children's Place 2-piece skirt and sweater outfit - too cute!
15) Super Sweet little 2-piece dress- Lydia Jane (boutique brand?)
16) Children's Place leopard print jumper - sassy! :)
17) Gymboree puppy sweater
18) Gymboree 2-piece sweater dress
19) BabyGap super-soft vest

Check out the detail on this vest- one of my favorite finds by far!! And the inside is super-yummy soft material :) I wish I could wear it...

20) 3-piece Levi's pink camouflage outfit - my dad should like this one:)
21) Purple ON fleece outfit
22 & 23) Old Navy sweaters
24) Children's Place top and Gymboree leggings
25) Gap white bloucy top with lots of lacy embroidery - really sweet:)
26) more brown pants
27)  Old Navy khaki jacket - perfect for cool days!
28) plain blue hoodie - funny story- I didn't instinctively like this, but I knew in my heart it would thrill Annabel to no end- this is her style exactly :) (Can a two-year-old have a "style?") All I know is this is the first thing she went for and continues to ask to wear it in the heat of summer! I'm sure you'll see many pictures featuring this jacket! 
29) light green Gymboree turtleneck 
30) Old Navy shearling vest- another adorable piece!
31) Gap tee and polka-dot 'ON tee
32) Oh, and Annabel modeling a new pair of Old Navy jeans - I'd say she's got some room to grow in them! 
This, above, was a really cool find. It's an old library card catalogue. Some idiot spray painted it a primer white (I should be careful calling them an idiot- it's probably someone I know!!:) But anyway, these things go for $100+ on ebay in their unpainted form. I'm using it for storing small amounts of fabric and other sewing supplies! I found it for $5 and its missing the hardware. I've been looking online for the original library hardware (think brass nameplates) but am not having any luck. I'll probably pick up something boring but functional at Lowes and keep my eyes peeled at flea markets and auctions for the originals. (Note to Dad- if you ever see these at an auction - I WANT THEM! :) Someday I'll get around to stripping and refinishing it. 
And my very last treasure- a Pottery Barn Kids rug - I think 5x7. I just looked this up a similar one on their website and it is $399 - I paid $25!!!

I hope everyone else has had the opportunity to find at least one "treasure" this summer at a yard sale, flea market or auction - if so I want to know about it!! :)


Rock 'n Roll Momma© said...

love the yard sale finds, i really need to start going with my sis-in-law, she's gotten some totally awesome deals (her favorite would be this crazy bright orange Wilson leather jacket for $3...something only SHE would be able to wear!) i haven't yet needed to buy clothes for javen since i have a brother only 6 years older than him that passes down buttloads of hand-me-downs! now if this baby is a girl, i am so all about the yard sales to nab cute name-brand stuff like you got!

Tera said...

Great finds!! Braylee had the same TCP house top...only she wore it with a corduroy skirt. My favorite of your finds...probably the navy argyle sweater jumper from sweet! I haven't been to a single yard sale this year! Brynna wears hand-me downs from Braylee and the time kids get to Braylee's age, the clothes are so worn out/stained that those sizes are hard to find at yard sales. Good luck finding your library hardware!