Monday, August 31, 2009

End of Summer Fun

With the end of summer drawing near, we've been trying to squeeze as much out of these days as possible. Here are some pictures of our last couple weeks...

I've been trying to keep our days pretty structured, so I've been doing a "craft time" with her every day! She loves it! These pictures aren't great, but they show a little bit of her artistic creativity! :) She especially loves gluing magazine pictures on paper.

One day this week it was warm enough to head over to neighbor Frank's pool. It only took about 2 minutes to realize that Annabel's interested enough in the water these days that a life jacket is necessary! 

One of the fun things we've done recently is make this "redneck sandbox" :) A friend of mine gave me the idea to use one of these containers, and as we had one sitting empty in the basement, it worked out great! She has so much fun playing in her sandbox and digging for sea shells- its just the right size for her!

One evening this week we went out for Mexican...


Last weekend Derek's brother and his family came up to visit... here are some pictures of Annabel and Morganne playing! (Yes, I borrowed some of these from Holly's blog!)

I love this picture! 

Finally, I thought this was funny... this is Derek catching Annabel going "night night" on the dining room table! Think she naps enough?!?

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