Thursday, August 20, 2009

Graduation Day

Two weeks ago, I finally graduated! That was a great feeling, but I feel a bit like I'm drifting these days. I don't think its quite sunk in that I won't be going to class this fall. No books to buy, no planner to update with assignments, no catching up with classmates...Wierd.

Here are a few pics from the big day. First we had our "hooding" ceremony, which was small and private, and very nice. The lighting was really bad, though, so the pictures didn't turn out well.

Receiving my hood

I was glad my parents were able to come up for the ceremony because originally they were going to be on vacation at the same time!

Me and my dad being silly

Melanie and Wes, as well as my grandparents made it up, too!

During the ceremony:

Receiving my diploma

Afterwards, with my punkin'

And Derek, trying on my cap and gown... he couldn't figure out the hood! :)

Stay tuned.... blog about our Iowa trip to come!

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Tera said...

Congrats on your Masters! It feels good to say you have a Master's Degree, doesn't it?! :) Annabel looks so grown up in that picture with you!