Saturday, August 1, 2009

Two Posts in One day- Aren't you Lucky!

I forgot to mention that a few weeks ago Derek and I were faculty at a week of "Jungle Huts" camp. This is a wilderness-type camp with junior high kids (think Swiss Family Robinson - everything is on stilts with bridges b/t all the cabins). They stay at the camp, but they're in the woods, sleep in "huts" and cook all their own food. Annabel and I tried staying the night, but it got too complicated with all the girls coming in and out of the cabin all night. She and I ended up staying in a private residence (air conditioning!) every night instead:)

I'm sorry I didn't take more pictures. I'm really bad at that!
Later in the week, Annabel busted her lip when she fell down. This is her enjoying an icy treat soon afterwards!

Ahh, my rough and tumble kid

This morning Annabel and I enjoyed eggs and toast for breakfast!
She's drinking like a big girl at the table these days!
Later we played outside. It was chilly so she's wearing her new jacket!
How do you entertain a toddler? Give them something to "hunt!" Here she is looking for wild strawberries!

Ni-night, sweetpea.

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Grandma Jean said...

I AM LUCKY!! Thanks for all the pictures. Her sweetness just oozes out of her. Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!