Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monday Menu Plan? TeeHee.

Okay, it's Tuesday. Actually it's Wednesday because its 2:30am. Oh well. Here goes.

Monday- leftover quiche. Half an english muffin with peanut butter. Chips and Salsa. 

Tuesday- Derek surprised me and finally cooked up the tilapia in the freezer! (Yes, the same tilapia I've blogged about several weeks in a row). Alfredo pasta. Questionable steamed broccoli.

Wednesday- Who knows? Working till 9. 

Thursday- Who knows? Class till 9.

Friday- maybe Papa Murphey's! 

What a plan. Mom of the year, right here. 
I'm getting a little burnt out on school. This semester of being gone 4 nights a week is really starting to catch up with me. I only have about 5 weeks left, which is nice, but then I will start immediately into a new internship. Which I don't have lined up yet, of course. I'm starting to feel super-stressed and now I'm not sleeping. Awesome. 

Anyway, I know I probably shouldn't blog when I'm sleep-deprived and cynical. It's kind of like calling your mom when you're drunk- you know you'll just regret it in the morning!:) (Not that I'd ever do that, of course!)

Derek's been so sweet this week. I know this semester has been hard on him as well, but he keeps a good attitude. I'm thankful for him. 


Grandma Jean said...

I was up this morning at 4:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. Must have been something in the air? I think a little bit of synicism keeps us real. You do have a tough schedule, but the end is in sight. Hang in there baby!

Paula said...

I almost cried when I read your Momma's comment. I too was awake at 4:00 a.m. this morning and thought for a brief moment that I should get up and pray. Looked at the clock and said, 'Nope God - it's just a tad early yet.' Struggled to go back to sleep and the alarm chirrped me out of bed at 4:45.

I know your schedule has been tough this semester. Like Jeannie said - hang in there Sweetie. I'll be praying for an extra measure of strength for you in the next few weeks.

Oh and by the way, I like the way you blog about menu-planning 'after the fact'. That makes planning SO much easier!! HAHA

Jason and Lisa Jones said...

Kids don't generally care what they eat. They don't know if it is what people would call a great meal or a simple hurried meal. Shannon asked me for dinner last night and I told her I was getting ready to fix it. She said no mom don't worry about it can you just microwave a hot dog for me, or if you open the hot dogs I can put it in the microwave for you. Yikes.... I hope your next 5 weeks is bearable... It is nice to see other moms have a hard time with figuring out what seems simple to some...