Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jump Start on Menu Planning!

After getting creating with the pantry/freezer the last two weeks, I finally made it to the grocery store! I generally only make one "big" trip to the store each month, buying all our meat, canned goods, pasta, breakfast stuff, etc. Of course I still have to go each week for produce, lunch meat, bread and milk but that doesn't take much time or planning (thank goodness!)

So anyway, hopefully I planned well and there will be enough meals to last all month! It gets difficult because I'm not home until after 9 on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so I either have to pack a meal or eat fast food on those days. Sometimes Derek and Annabel bring me dinner at work on Wed's and thats nice...I like that:) Especially since I don't see Annabel on either of those days otherwise :( 

6 more weeks of this crazy schedule...that's what I keep telling myself. 

Anyway, back to meal planning! 

Monday- Salad with grilled chicken, dinner rolls.
Extra: cook up extra chicken breast and save for quesadillas when its just me and Annabel

Tuesday- steak (courtesy of a cow donated to the camp by a local cattle farmer! Thank you!), leftover salad stuff and roasted potatoes

Wed- leftover meatloaf (last week's) for me :(

Thursday- Probably bread sticks from the gas station grabbed during the 10 minutes between my last client and class- how depressing! I don't even have time to get fast food! Maybe I'll pack PB&J...

Friday- brats and mac&cheese

I've started a pretty good weekly workout routine- I'm proud of myself! As follows:
Sunday- ball and weights
Monday- yoga
Tuesday- nothing! No time! 
Wednesday- basketball with the girls
Thursday- ball and weights
Friday- yoga
Saturday- walk with Bailey and Annabel

Hopefully I'll lose some of this jiggle by summertime:)

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