Monday, January 5, 2009

Why I Became a Mom #32 boost my self-esteem!
Earlier today Annabel was sitting on the floor in the living room looking at one of my magazines. I hear her shouting "mama! mama!" I go in to find her pointing at a picture of a beautiful L'Oreal model with long blond hair and perfect skin:) Thanks, baby. 

Annabel loves Elmo! She got some books for Christmas about him and she points and says "Melmo!" So I decided to start DVR'ing (is that a verb?) Sesame Street for her to watch during her breathing treatments at night. She loves it! "Melmo! Melmo!"

Poor Derek has been sick over the weekend:( We had grand plans to get the house clean before I started back to school, but he ended up laying on the couch pretty much 24/7. I would wake up at 3 in the morning and hear Sports Center downstairs. He wasn't sick to his stomach, but instead was feverish, achy and phlegm-y. He couldn't sleep because of his cough and being too cold or hot. I have never really seen him feel so awful! I think he's starting to feel better but he did leave work around 11 to rest. I have been keeping my distance because I do not want to get this! 

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Tera said...

Love the model thing! Too cute!