Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Reads

Recently I have had the pleasure of reading 2 excellent books (one I am actually still reading) and I wanted to share a few thoughts.
The first was a historical fiction novel called Stealing Athena (Essex, 2008). I am so interested in Greek and Roman history, as well as Napolionic history, and this book covered these as well as some early nineteenth century British history as well. So great! Sometimes I tell Derek that if I go for a second master's degree (haha!) it will be in European history - just for fun. I think he thinks I'm crazy.
The second book is one I'm reading for class called The Spirit of the Disciplines (Willard, 1988). Its kind of old-school, and a pretty difficult read. However, its rocking my world right now (not in the uber-trendy usage of that phrase, but like, its causing an upheaval in my way of thinking). Its really causing me to see my total lack of discipline in my roles as wife and mother, student, in my physical health, and especially in my walk with Christ. I so want to excel in all these areas, but do very little (if anything) to get there.
So anyway, if you're looking for a slightly heavy but thought-provoking, life-changing read, I would suggest this book.

"Thus men will lie on their backs, talking about the fall of man, and never make an effort to get up." -Henry David Thoreau


Melanie said...

I totally need a book to shake things up a little- I may try and check that Spirit of the Disciplines out and see what I can learn! Hey, are you guys still interested in coming down for Homecoming? We have room for you here if you would like!

Grandma Jean said...

Just got caught up on the last 2 blogs and wanted to tell you how happy I am with how you have grown. I love you and am very proud of you. Plus you are so funny!!!

Betsy said...

have you read "voice in the wind" and "echo in the darkness" by francine rivers? they are the first 2 in a three book series, but they stand alone really. I LOVED them because of the historical roman and jewish stuff! she definitely did some good research! also, the main character is my hero even though she's not real and i felt challenged even though it was fiction. put them on your list for the future!