Sunday, January 18, 2009

Crafty weekend

One thing I love about this semester is that I have Fri-Mon off to be home with Annabel. This weekend has been no exception and we've been having a good time! Friday I made a pair of wool pants for Annabel to match a purple shirt she has. I thought they turned out really cute! 
(For those of you who don't cloth diaper -haha-:) these type of wool pants are meant to soak up any extra pee that leaks through - and even though I use the waterproof kind and they rarely leak, I still love the idea and look of these pants! They're also really great for nighttime with fitted (non-waterproof) diapers, b/c those are more absorbent and breathe better than the waterproof all-in-one kinds. There's your cloth diapering lesson for the day!)
Derek thought she looked a little bit like Grimace in all the purple! 
Also, for the past couple weeks I've been working on this scarf for Annabel, and I finally finished it. I stayed up until 2am Friday working on it b/c I couldn't sleep! She loves to play with it, but she's not too crazy about actually wearing it out! 
Last night she and I went out to the camp for dinner (Derek was working) and we ended up staying afterwards and playing games with some friends. Luckily we still had the pack-n-play in the car from last weekend so we were able to stay out past 8:00! :)
Today Daddy was home so we enjoyed a nice lazy day at home. Derek made a yummy, but strange-looking (sorry, honey!) lentil and pork soup for dinner. It kind of resembled the stuff you see in prison movies, haha. Annabel liked it though, and sometimes thats all that matters!
I don't know about everyone else, but we've been freezing our butts off this week! Earlier this week I was driving home around 9pm and the bank clock said -14*. Whoa! It was so cold I felt like my exposed skin was on fire. 
Here are some fun pics from the week:
 Yeah, this happens about every night. She gets her finger (or her whole hand!) stuck in the VCR. I wish I could have caught her face in this picture, she was truly in a state of panic. 
 "Bailey, get out of my way!"
This is how we punish in our house. Awww...I shouldn't even joke about that! How horrible! Really, she loves to play in Bailey's kennel. She tells me "byebye" and shuts herself in!
 Haha...looks like mommy needs to sew some elastic in these cozy cashmere sweater pants!

 This looks like as good a place as any to read a book....

 She's getting braver! Seconds later....
 Then easily distracted!

 What a sweetie.

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Grandma Jean said...

Those pants are so cute! She seemed to like modeling them. Does she have new molars? I don't remember seeing them before.
I loved the dance- she was really getting down at the end.