Monday, October 13, 2008

What a beautiful weekend!

All in all, we have had a nice weekend. Derek was home all weekend, even today (monday) so that has been nice. Saturday was so nice, we went to the park to play. We have such an awesome playground at the park, I hate to not take advantage of it!

Sunday we went to church and Annabel got to wear her new Colt's cheerleading outfit! How cute is she?!?
Unfortunately, our cable company is not showing CBS anymore so we can't watch the games! Boo!
That night, Derek had the boys over for a poker game. Beth came to hang out with me, so we rented a movie and stayed in. (Exciting, I know!). 
Today, I've come down with the cold that Annabel's had all week. Ugh - I feel like crap. I've gone through soooo much kleenex and my head feels like it's going to explode. Tonight is definitely a Nyquil night!
This afternoon I took our infant carseat to the consignment shop and got a bunch of fun toys, including a sit'n'spin, a toy piano thing, a popcorn popper, and some ball game. And a pair of gymboree socks!:) 
 We went out to breakfast this morning - lovely isn't she? :)

 Yummy!! Apple!
One of our neighbors gave us a bag of home-grown apples, so tonight we had spiced apple glazed pork chops - yum! Annabel is trying to eat like a big girl - she wants to "do it herself"! Usually I don't let her have the spoon because she tends to use it to fling food all over the room. But tonight I gave it to her and it was so cute! She was trying so hard to put peas on in, but they just wouldn't stay! Maybe next time. 


Paula and David said...

I'll bet she's the only 'Colts' cheerleader who wears red cowboy boots!! Maybe she can wear those to the wedding in a couple of weeks!! HA

John and Heather said...

Where is that playground? Is it new?