Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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Annabel's "real" birthday was last week. We celebrated by playing at the park and I made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting (daddy's favorite!). Though we didn't get to spend the whole day together, it was really special and fun. 
So, now that Annabel's 1, I need to stop using the excuse of "having a baby." - i.e. "It's okay to be 20 minutes late to work, I have a baby!" or, "Oh, man, I didn't do my homework...but I have a baby!" or..."How did the cat end up in the dishwasher? Oh well, I have a baby!" Now I have a kid...and lots of people have kids, and somehow manage. Its been nice having a year-long respite from sanity, but its time to get on the ball!

This weekend we had the chance to visit with my parents, as well as help my dad campaign for Commissioner!
 Hittin' the Campaign Trail! Watch out Barack!

And later that day....
 First Kiss! Ahhhh....
 "That's enough!"

Later this week, Annabel had her one-year well baby visit. She received all her immunizations, as well as a finger prick! I was surprised at how brave she was- very little crying or squirming. She weighed 21.8# (65% - I think...recalling from memory...) and 29" tall! (77%?). She continues to have fluid on her ears, so we're starting the third round of antibiotics. She absolutely HATES taking this. However, after demonstrating how her monkey puppet loves to take it, she will give it to herself! It's so cute! She also has to stay on her nebulizer once a day through the winter, which is such a pain in the butt. This has been made a little easier by video time in the evenings....turns out she has a about a 3-minute attention span when watching veggietales, which is just about enough time to finish the medicine!
On a last note, Annabel has been using sign language more and more. She knows "eat," "all done," and "milk." She's so smart! What a cutie!

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John and Heather said...

Oh wow, that's a lot of cake on one baby's face! She's so cute though. I'm sure that was fun to clean up. P.S. We are going to be in Indiana Oct. 25-Nov.1. Maybe we can get together?