Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Friday was my last day of work. So, to celebrate, we took A to the park. She absolutely loves the swings! She was shrieking and giggling and having so much fun. Who would have thought to put an 11-mo old in the swing. (Well, my mom that's who. She's the one who told me A liked it so much).

 I thought this last one was pretty funny. Her daddy gets the same look when he gets off a roller coaster....

After the playground, we walked to the video store to pick up a movie. While we were there, a little boy got his hand stuck in the gumball machine! I desperately wanted to take a picture, but I thought that may be a little uncouth. They finally called the fire dept, and in marched 5 of the city's finest with a bottle of Dawn. Of course, Derek and I had to "look for a movie" this whole time:)
I snapped this one as we were walking away:

My brother has been here this week, and he came up to stay up with us for the weekend. It was sooo nice. We had a really good time. He and I stayed up till about 2am Saturday night, him playing the guitar and me working on some knitting. I wish I were able to see him more often. 

Today (Labor Day) we stayed around the house and set mouse traps. A has been standing up a lot more on her own lately! Today she stood for probably 30 seconds. We tried to get her to take a step, but she's still pretty nonchalant about it. She is apparently in no hurry to be walking. Which is fine with me. Tonight we went to a cookout, and now getting ready to settle down and watch the movie we rented 3 nights ago!
Happy Labor Day!

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